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Hey Anneslie! 


It's time to sign-up for a fall-planting yard tree from Blue Water Baltimore. Help keep our tree canopy healthy for generations to come. 

  • If you have a tree in your yard that might be nearing it's end of life, now is the time to plant a "succession tree."  This will give it a head start in replacing the older tree. 

  • If you've been baking in the sun and trying to hold your electric meter down while your air conditioning churns away, plant a tree and get some shade on your house! 

  • If you want to help reduce flooding, a tree will absorb stormwater! 

  • Want cleaner air? Want to improve your property value? Want to support wildlife?  Plant a native canopy tree in your yard!

Once again, Anneslie is partnering with Blue Water Baltimore (BWB) to provide native trees in Anneslie at the fabulous low price of $75 per tree.  This includes installation, mulch, stakes and a watering ring.  Your obligation is to water the tree weekly for 2 years from May through September.  Available trees include:


Canopy Trees

for Yards 

American Elm

American Holly

American Linden

American Persimmon

Arbor Vitae

Black Cypress*

Black Gum*

Eastern Red Cedar


London Plane/Sycamore

Oaks: Swamp White*, Northern Red, Willow

River Birch


Tulip Polar

White Pine


Understory Trees

for Side Yards and Under Power Lines

American Hornbeam*

Blackhaw Viburnum

Flowering Dogwood





Sweetbay Magnolia


Street Trees

for Verges

In 2014, Baltimore County forbade trees in small verges (the planting strip between the curb and sidewalk) like those on most Anneslie streets. Now they have modified their guidelines so that mid-story trees can be planted IF a root barrier is installed in small verges.


Regester Avenue

No new street trees are allowed.  Verge is smaller than 4' wide.


Murdock, Dunkirk, Anneslie, and Overbrook Roads

Verges are 4' wide. Trees eligible for planting here, if a root barrier is installed, are the trees marked with an asterisk (*) above . Canopy trees are encouraged to ensure clearance for passing trucks.


Windwood Road

Verges are 6' wide.  Any canopy tree, if a root barrier is installed, can be planted here--except for American Elm, London Plane/Sycamore, or Tulip Poplar.


BWB will not install root barriers, but, if you as a homeowner want to plant a tree in your verge and are willing to install your own root barrier, BWB will install a tree in the verge. BWB will provide the root barrier.


What is a root barrier and how is it installed?  Here is a video showing the installation of a 12" deep root  barrier:


Baltimore County requires 18" deep root barriers, so factor in that your trench will need to be 6 inches deeper than the one shown in the video.


The deadline to sign-up is Friday, August 30, 2019. 

You can order trees online here:


Contact Beth Miller at with questions.


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