The Anneslie Board of Governors is elected by popular vote at an Annual Community Meeting held each November as described in the Bylaws of the Anneslie Community Association (ACA). 

The Board convenes once per month to conduct Association business.  The meeting generally includes a financial and budget review, a communications strategy review, discussion about concerns brought to the board by residents as well as other neighborhood, Towson and county-level issues, and planning of upcoming community events.

If you are interested in a position on the Anneslie Community Association Board, please contact Robert Fisher at president@anneslie.org

If you are interested in helping at a particular event or need to contact the Board for any reason, you may contact the appropriate person below.  If you are unsure of who to contact, please send an email to communications@anneslie.org.

2021 Board Officers & Members

In addition to the elected Board Members, the following individuals assist the Board in the following capacities:

Block Captain Liaison

Rachel Rock Palermo - blockcaptains@anneslie.org

For more information, visit our Block Captains page.


Representatives to the Towson Communities Alliance (TCA)

Rick Kiegel, Beth Miller, and Jim Dobson

More information about the TCA (formerly the GTCCA) can be found at www.towsoncommunities.org.