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Anneslie Citizens on Patrol

Would you like to make a difference in your community?  If so, then volunteering for the Anneslie Citizens On Patrol (COP) is a great way to get involved!  


We work closely the Towson Precinct of the Baltimore County Police and with the COP programs of our neighboring communities through the Towson Area Citizens on Patrol (TACOP).


As residents who care about our neighborhood, we can all take part in keeping Anneslie safe by looking out for and reporting suspicious activity as we go about our day-to-day routines.  If you witness or experience anything unusual, you should report the suspicious activity to authorities as a "non-emergency”.  For an emergency, call #911 immediately.  However, before making any calls, please make sure you are in a safe place.


Take your participation to another level by formally joining the Anneslie COP Program.  This is a great way to get involved with a worthwhile community initiative with a minimal time commitment!


Volunteers with Anneslie's COP Program sign up to patrol the streets of our neighborhood at designated times throughout the week. Their job is to report suspicious activity and help local law enforcement officers keep our neighborhood safe.  Volunteers are asked to participate in one 90 minute shift approximately every 7 weeks, although more frequent participation is welcome if desired.  Shifts are available during the day and in the evening.


You can volunteer with your spouse or another neighbor/friend. What a nice way to help the community and spend some time together.


If you are an Anneslie resident and would like to volunteer with our COP Program, then please send an email to in order to:

  • Add your name as COP Volunteer

  • Sign-up for one or more shifts

  • Request a copy of our COP Schedule

  • Find out more information


Our COP Coordinator will contact you and get you started.

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