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The Most Cathartic Event on the Anneslie Community Association Calendar...

dumpster 2023.png

Saturday, May 4

7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Rain or Shine

Holly Lane between Overbrook and Anneslie Roads

Cars must arrive via Overbrook Road to maintain an orderly flow of traffic.

Please carefully read the guidelines about what items may be discarded below.

Any questions or interested in volunteering to help?  Please contact Robert Fisher.


If you haven't paid your 2024 dues yet, board members will be collecting payments at the event, although the easiest way to pay is online today. If you choose to pay on Saturday:

  • CASH: Must be the exact amount (no change will be available)

    • $35 per year

    • $15 per year for Age 65+ households

  • CHECK: Make payable to Anneslie Community Association

  • Must also include a completed dues form with your payment.



General households items are permitted, however hazardous materials, electronics, appliances and machines with gas motors (i.e. lawnmowers) are not accepted... see more specific details below.


On the day of the event, please enter the dumpster area from Overbrook Road and follow the instructions of the volunteers assisting with traffic control and unloading.  Please do not arrive early or attempt to dump items later in the day.  The times will be strictly enforced to ensure your safety as the dumpsters are brought in and removed, as well as to limit any inconvenience to nearby neighbors.


Please keep in mind the following restrictions when filling the dumpsters…

The following items are prohibited from being put into the dumpsters:

  • explosives or flammable materials

  • acids, pesticides, and chemicals;

  • medical/radioactive waste;

  • liquids or liquid waste; drums or tanks;

  • animal carcasses;

  • large stumps;

  • pieces of wood greater than 8” in diameter or 6’ in length;

  • tires; antifreeze;

  • asbestos shingles or other asbestos materials;

  • batteries;

  • oil, paint, and household hazardous chemicals.


Baltimore County law prohibits (and fines) the disposal of the following household electronics mixed with trash in the community clean-up containers: 

  • computer equipment (CPUs, monitors, keyboards, printers, laptops, scanners, cables and cord);

  • televisions, VCRs, and DVD players;

  • telephones including cell phones and answering machines; stereos; fax machines; and video display devices. 


Residents can take their recyclable electronics to any of the county’s three drop-off centers during regular hours all year round.


Separate dumpsters will be available for metal items, although the following items are not permitted in those dumpsters:  refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, appliances, lawnmowers.


To assist the county in recycling, significant quantities of the following items should be taken to any of the county’s three drop-off centers for recycling:  brush/yard waste; asphalt/black top; containers of glass, plastic, tin cans, and aluminum; concrete and rock; and paper/cardboard.


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